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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  August 29, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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in the trunk of the car. >> you know, it is will remembering for a -- alarming for a police offic to do that. weird. >> reporter: police say the woman didn't know gregory thompson. she just happened to wander in to the neighborhood. >> we don't have a motive. we are looking at the possibility that maybe there was a mistake in identity, maybe somebody else was supposed to be targeted. >> reporter: neighbors said this vacant home belonged to his parents. the windows had been broken out. the neighbor wondered if he was on the look out for vandals. even if that is the case -- >> i don't think there is a call taking a bat to a woman. >> reporter: we went by a home, no one answered the door but he was released on bail. police say he has been removed from patrol duties and will remain on leave during this
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investigation. allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. crews are investigating after a vehicle hit a if i -- hit a fire hydrant. you can see water was blasting up from the ground. along interstate 880. firefighters were able to shut the water off. before crews arrived people had fun. using it as a free car wash. drivers go straight through it. that is actually usually the case when things like this happen. the nfl sidelines a superstar and it will be a long time before aldon smith gets back on the field with his team on sunday. the linebacker has been suspended for 9 games for violating the personal conduct
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policy. ktvu's mark ibanez is here with how big a deal this is and how big a loss it is. >> had is huge. -- it is huge. they were criticized for giving ray rice only two games worth of suspension but aldon smith will pay dearly for his rampage of misconduct over the past couple years. as you heard, it is a 9 game suspension. there is no turning back for the 49ers. just move forward and deal with it. they knew something like this was going to some and aldon smith will not be eligible to return till november 10. and here is the break down. he will get four games of the 9 for the substance abuse violation. that is related to his dui arrest of last year. 5 games of the suspension for
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violation of the personal conduct policy. related to the weapons charges. 49ers today released a statement saying that they still support him. he has taken responsibility for his action and continued to show growth. we will continue to support him but it is time to put this behind us and focus on the season ahead. now aldon smith will be allowed to attend team meetings. he will not be allowed to play or practice and he will not be paid at all during the suspension. and he will lose $1.24 million because of this. he was scheduled to make 2.34 million. stiff for the team. they lose star player. he loses money. hopefullies gain as lesson. >> thank you -- hopefully gains a lesson. >> thank you. the turf is going down at levi stadium. news chopper 2 flew over the stadium. you can see grass covering half
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the field. a temporary surface was installed for sunday's game. the turf problems emerged earlier this month. the 72 field is expected -- the field is expected to be ready for chile and mexico that stadium. the napa earthquake and good news for residents who had their water service knocked out. the city says as of 5:00 p.m. all residents should have their water service restored. 20 remaining breaks were repaired today. this afternoon 100 goy buildings have been -- 153 buildings have been red tagged. construction crews tell us they will be working through the holiday weekend. ktvu's john fowler discovered getting ahold of supplies isn't easy. >> reporter: could be pretty difficult. among the homes and businesses
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here in napa. we found today a lot of people trying to return to a regular routine. >> reporter: at the reopened red wine city nail salon customers were getting their nails done. >> today is my first day off and i am trying to relax and get back to normal and support our local businesses here. >> signs went up today, though many places still have no windows. glass is on back order. >> hard to get to it all. >> at feed and supply company employees were repairing quake damage today. the building only yellow tagged. >> we are lucky. we had good inspectors that were more concerned with keeping can us open than shutting us down. >> reporter: with 1400-tons of
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quake debris so far and more daily a problem is emerging. window glass messing up recycling. this glass melts at higher temperatures. >> the glass is not what they would call a food grade glass. >> window glass must be disposed in garbage bins. reminders that will remain for weeks. >> people will still continue to experience stress and trauma and try to do normal things. it will bring our community together to be stronger. >> reporter: to that end, we are live again, the free concert goes on as scheduled in an hour and a free community picnic is to be held a few minutes at a park down the block and we will have much more on the getting over the
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post quake jitters coming up at 6:00 p.m. john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. we are learning more about the one death linked to the earthquake. an autopsy on the body did not uncover any signs of trauma. her parents found her in bed moments moments after the quake. while the cause of death is pending they found no indication the earthquake killed her. criminals are praying on earthquake victims. they are warning residents about unlicensed contractor scams. here is guidelines quake victims are asked to follow. don't hire the first contractor. get three bids and check references. for down payments don't pay more than 10% or $1,000, whenever is less. you can see a map on we have posted more information on how tadetect if a contractor
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is a scam artist. new alarms about isis. britain raised his terror level. the prime minister said the murder of american photojournalist james wright foley was shocking along with the voice of a british terrorist. he estimates that 500 britains have gone to syria and iraq to fight with islamic state of iraq and syria. >> it was clear evidence not that anymore was needed that this is not some foreign conflict. >> the level was raised from substantial to suvery -- from substantial to severe. the u.s. level has not changed. >> as it relates to the united states, national terror alert system i don't anticipate there is a plan to change that level.
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>> the white house continues monitoring over seas and they worry u.s. passports might allow them free travel into the u.s. happing now -- happening now, the holiday weekend is here and we are keeping an eye on traffic. this is a live look at interstate 80 in emeryville. east shore freeway. folks head in the eastbound direction, bumper to bumper. south now to interstate 880. looking okay. as folks travel past the coliseum in oakland. into san francisco, caltrans shut down 280 yesterday for a safety project. news chopper 2 shot this video of the construction site this afternoon. north bound lanes are scheduled to remain closed through the labor day holiday weekend and will reopen 5:00 a.m. tuesday morning. >> new at 5:00 p.m. oakland is saying good-bye to sears. the last remaining department store is shutting its doors and
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the building is getting cleared out. it is closing up to make room for a new shopping center, one that is expected to better fit the area. ktvu's rob f is live now with details. rob? >> reporter: sears is the last of the major downtown department stores that once dotted downtown oakland. but come sunday it too will shut down for good. >> reporter: at this sears on 20 20th and broadway it is almost closing time. everything must go and is going. come sunday there will be no major department stores in the downtown that once include sears. >> don't have very much to shop. not very much. whenever everything leaves we miss it. >> but there are few tears being shed over sear's departure. >> we see it as an opportunity
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bring in new kinds of retail we have seen successful. >> reporter: leaders screw the store -- view the store as being from a different era. there are plans for the building with technology companies filling out space. oakland has been coring the tech istry. >> this is wow! what a great opportunity. >> the men's warehouse also closed this month. city planners point to newer trends for downtown shopping and medium sized cities that have more smaller stores. >> it is time for something smaller and room for small -- and more businesses. >> reporter: some residents still see few shopping options. >> reporter: what are you going to do now? >> go out of town.
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>> this community needs stores and businesses to come in and i like downtown so i want it to stay vibrant. it is sad. >> reporter: plans are for the building are to under go a restoration. they expect the building to open in 12-18 months. rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. friday night lights, the safety concerns that are canceling a high school's home game. >> when the subtropical moisture will move out over the holiday weekend. >> and middle schooler sitting still in silence. the powerful results of this meditation and yoga. bulldog: you don't need to camp out
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nascar driver tony stewart spoke for the first time since he hit and killed another driver. kevin ward, jr. was out of his car when he was hit in new york. tony stewart hasn't raced since the crash. >> this is something that will definitely effect my life forever. this is a sadness and a pin i hope no one ever has to experience. >> he say e he will race -- he will race sunday night in atlanta. the investigation into the death hasn't finished. the hope is growing. that treatment for ebola might help combat the epidemic. the drug healed all 18 monkeys exposed to a lethal dose of the ebola virus. three other monkaes that were not -- monkeys that were not given the drug died. there is no way to know if it
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helped the other five. a supply of the drug is limited and that it will take months to make enough to begin clinical trials. the woman known as the serial stow away says she is a scapegoat for lack security at airports. >> why has the government allowed me to get past security points. why is the government allowing that to happen and portraying me as a potential threat to security as opposed to addressing another issue. >> marilyn hartman said she suffers from whistleblower trauma syndrome. she is accused of trying to sneakboard flights and was arrested -- sneak aboard flights and was arrested again this week in arizona. program in schools is giving new hope for students struggling with behavioral
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problems. ktvu's alex savage shows us how students are benefiting from mindfulness. >> notice your physical sensation. >> reporter: not what you might normally see in a classroom. students sitting still. eyes closed, focusing on their breathing. this in-class meditation session is led by just me. >> makes me feel calm. >> program that goes beyond academics to help kids with their social and emotional needs. another technique, yoga. helping students look inward. and tune out distractions. kids work to control feelings of anger and frustration to improve behavior and make it easier to learn. he turned a corner since
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starting the program. >> when i start doing it i didn't like it but now it calms me down when i am angry or when i want to hurt someone. >> arguing and fighting with each other, fighting among other peers, always in the office. never in class. they are missing out on education. feeling all these hurtful feelings. >> this program cernes low income students who -- >> in their experiences in family or community, are the violence, is not them and they were attaching themselves. >> reporter: many teachers are witnessing a transformation. >> instead of quickly reacting they were thinking first and it helps the classroom environment because instead of having these explosive students everybody was able to be at a more normal
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level. and schools are seeing results from these weekly sessions. a few have cut suspensions in half since starting the program. these days when he feels overwhelmed his training kicks in. >> i sit down and do my breathing. >> reporter: students learning to be respectful and responsible. >> last mindful breath in. >> reporter: by remembering to breathe. alex savage, ktvu channel 2 news. >> two years after its launch the project is now in nearly a dozen richmond schools. >> we could learn from them. now to our chief meteorologist bill martin. we talked about the big surf down south yesterday and that is effecting us here in the form of wet and muggy air. >> yeah. the surf to southern california, that ist the lead story down there -- that is the lead story down there. didn't get this far north. the subtropical moisture. hurricane fell apart the clouds
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drifted north. things in the jet stream move faster than the swell too, right? so as we look at the cloud cover out there now. you can see the hurricane. or what is left of it. caught up in the flow. no rain showers. we have reports of sprinkles up north but for the most part this cloud cover is high clouds. i think this green here is not hitting the ground. as we look. fog along the coast. you can barely see it. tomorrow we start off with cloud cover. it is humid. actually you will notice it tonight too. it will be muggy again tomorrow. by afternoon tomorrow the clouds clear out. hayward 20 miles per hour right now. highs tomorrow will be about where they were today. these are the current temperatures. 89 antioch. remember i said yesterday it would be cooler today. it was cooler but didn't feel cooler because of the humidity
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and the cloud cover. fog doing what it has been doing. not going to make a big push inland. san francisco right there. 63 degrees. live picture. pretty shot. you see the fog there. and the high clouds, the subtropical moisture. it will be cool -- the sunset will be nice. the subtropical moisture sets you up with a killer sunset. forecast tomorrow, fog and low clouds. subtropical moisture. should be leaving tomorrow afternoon. with that gone the humidity will back down. highs tomorrow, this looks like the last three days. in terms of temperature. highs 94 vacaville tomorrow. 90 fairfield. the five-day forecast with your bay area weekend in view, there it is. warmer tomorrow. but not much. there is the five-day forecast. labor day weekend. back to school. i think summer is over. >> almost. not officially -- [ talking at the same time ] >> got to stretch it as long as
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we can. >> to october. >> good luck. a dry stream started flowing below two dams. new information about where the water is coming from. plus -- >> hope that never happens again. >> an suv carjacked with five kids inside. how one boy got the attention of police without the driver finding out. >> julie haener is here now for what we are working on for 6:00 p.m. >> killed by a garbage truck while on the job. . >> the immediate action this accident is prompting. also special education students stranded. the bus that left them without a ride to school and how they are making sure it doesn't happen again. these stories and much more coming up new at 6:00 p.m. i go up, hey... female speaker: our tempur-pedic is the best thing in our house, except for my husband. wait...wait... where are you going? female announcer 1: discover how tempur-pedic can move you.
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. police departments are no longer able to get used combat gear from the military. the chilling reason the pentagon says it has frozen out some of the departments. >> cops in ferguson, missouri confronted protests in military gear. they got it from the defense department. one of 8,000 agencies getting equipment. >> armored vehicles. they get m16s. grenade launches. >> we asked the pentagon are there agencies not allowed to
5:26 pm
get gear, cut off? yeah. we have 145 law enforcement agencies. the black listed police departments on this list told us the same thing. they got kicked out of the program because they lost some of the weapons. trouble began when an m16 disappeared. napa got booted out after someone stole a m16. san mateo failed to account for two. >> we have to be concerned about the possibility of corruption. and possibly being sold on the black market. >> reporter: police departments are petitioning to get back in the program promising reforms to keep powerful weapons from vanishing in the community. ktvu channel 2 news. a san jose police department plans to return a surplus military vehicle. the department will return the mind resistant troop transport
5:27 pm
vehicle. new information after a dry creek started running again. the new theory that the earthquake played a role and how scientists are finding out where the water is coming from. >> a parade is canceled for the first time in 15 years. why the children's holiday parade is not coming back this year and reaction from the community. >> and we are learning new  details about a crash, a motorcyclist survived only to be hit by a driver who did not stop. an update on the investigation.
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complete bay area news coverage continues right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00 p.m. new developments with a creek, it is usually dry but it started flowing on sunday. we told you last night people feared two nearby dams were leaking but now inspectors believe the earthquake may be behind the water. >> tom vacar is live after talking with investigators. tom? >> well, the question is this: take a look. is this odd or omness? >> reporter: the water -- ominous. >> the water is rolling here. >> that creek has really come up. >> reporter: something he says it wasn't doing last saturday
5:31 pm
night. >> wasn't any water at all. it started flowing like immediately after the quake. >> a fascinating curiosity when a stream that is dry, especially in a drought, suddenly rises up and starts flowing after an earthquake but it is another matter when above us there are two very large reservoirs. some folks say they worry the city has not been forth right about the condition, the city said it checked them and the state office of safety inspected. we were there when he delivered his findings. >> the reservoirs haven't come down at all. no signs of cracking. the concrete structures, no signs of cracking. they all look fine. it didn't look like the
5:32 pm
concrete moved. >> reporter: city water tests say the water is different than the water in the reservoirs. >> i think what happened the shaking opened up some of the rock material and we have pockets of ground water. my suspicion is it will drain down and we won't see this. >> it will be stretch to connect it to the reservoir. >> to have the state here and come and do their independent inspection is another level of reassurance to me. >> everything is good. >> reporter: perhaps a reassurance for the folks down stream. tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. highway 152 is reopened where a wildfire is 60% contained tonight. the flames burned 80 acres on both sides of the highway. east of gilroy. the fire has caused traffic delays in the area. investigators say starting yesterday when a car crashed
5:33 pm
and caught fire flames spread to brush. no structures burned. new information tonight on a toll plaza tragedy. a motorcyclist killed by a hit- and-run driver. we are learning more details about the events in the crash. ktvu's katy eustis reports. >> reporter: for some reason she crashed her motorcycle while approaching the bay bridge toll plaza. >> she fell on her own or collided with a divider. >> announcer: happened last night -- >> reporter: it happened last night. she may have survived the initial crash only to be struck and killed by a driver. >> the person hit a pedestrian now lying in the roadway and didn't stop. >> chp investigators have a license plate number of a
5:34 pm
vehicle and are pursuing that lead. >> we are taking the possibility it could be more than one vehicle that struck her. >> reporter: friends of hers gone home upset today after learning of her death. there is a small responsibility the driver didn't know they struck the motorcyclist but the helmet usually called front end damage. >> chp says he is helping investigators but they are asking for other witnesses to come forward. bill that requires utilities to protect the power grid is on the governor's desk. this is two days after a security breach. pg&e says someone used wire cutters to cut holes in the fence and steal construction equipment. it is the same substation where
5:35 pm
snipers damaged 17 transformers last year. sunday's earthquake prompted schools in san francisco to prepare students today for how to react when the earth shakes. >> we are there where students were instructed to drop to the floor, get under their desks and cover their heads and then they were told to evacuate to the playground. >> there will be times when earthquakes happens and we are at school and we need to be ready for it. >> i think they dade fantastic job. none of this -- dade fantastic job. none of -- did a fantastic job. none of this was new to them. san francisco zoo saw a rare event this week when a giraffe gave birth to twins.
5:36 pm
it is only the 10th recorded twin births world wide. one was not as healthy as the other and despite the efforts of medical staff the second calf dud not survive. the -- did not survive. before the season starts a high school football team learns it can't use its home field. >> pretty disappointed. >> why it is considered dangerous and the solution that is getting a mixed response. >> how agents were tipped out on what was inside this box and what they are doing with the millipedes. >> and a raid that state capitol, the note the people under investigation left behind. female announcer: through labor day at sleep train,
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5:40 pm
coach is free on bail after being arrested for embezzling thousands of dollars from his team. parents and players in fairfield are stunned by the arrest of the coach days before the start of the season. the 42-year-old was arrested tuesday after police searched his home. he is not commenting on the accusations that he took money raised to buy equipment but his wife is speaking. she says people are spreading lies about her husband. >> that is what people do, right? he is educated and coached there for 21 years. and this is his thanks. >> he has been the head coach for 5 years. he has been placed on leave. police released clear images of a armed robbery at a convenience store. investigators say a man walked into the 7-eleven and asked for cigarettes. the clerk went to reach for the cigarettes and turned around to
5:41 pm
find a hand gun pointed at him. investigators say the suspect took the cigarettes and ran away. the man is 6 feet tall with a mustache and a tattoo on his neck. we are learning more about a raid that capital that happened in the capital building. a couple owed back federal taxes. a note says the deli is closed. officials took say the marshall took all the money as part of a seizure of the assets. today marks an important day. in 1966 the beetles performed their final live concert at candlestick park. it lasted 33 minutes and promoted their album revolver. half the stadium was empty --
5:42 pm
stadium was empty. a different story compared to paul paul mccartney's candlestick park's farewell. a car stolen when 5 children inside -- stolen with 5 children inside. >> you have the wrong car. >> i know. i am stealing the car. >> how the boy got the attention of police. >> and a holiday tradition canceled. the change of heart from the chamber of commerce. >> after the break, your holiday weekend, what day will be the warmest and high clouds and humidity. see you back here.
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a bay area tradition canceled. every december tens of thousands of people fill the streets to of oakland to watch the children's holiday parade. this year, though for, the first time in 15 years, that parade has it been canceled. ktvu's claudine wong with the change of heart by the chamber of commerce and reaction from the community. >> reporter: it has become a tradition in oakland. every december the busy streets take a break. as 100,000 people fill the streets for the children's holiday parade.
5:46 pm
>> 11th11th annual america's children's holiday parade. this year there will be no balloons, no bands, no characters, because there will be no parade. >> this is ridiculous. >> he has been to almost every one and he wasn't happy when he heard the news. >> no, i am not. this is to help our youth and stuff. kids in school love this. >> reporter: it was a surprise to him too. >> we were just dumbfounded. >> reporter: he put on the last 14 parades with the help of the chamber of commerce but they had a change of heart. >> they said they decided not to have the parade. >> he has been breaking the news to regulars and red us the responses he is getting. >> this is a highlight of the  community events for young singers. this one is from the high school, i am disappointed. >> reporter: he is hoping this is a break, not a good-bye. >> just a case of giving a
5:47 pm
champion organization or a champion person or persons to be the face of the parade out there. >> reporter: when december rolls by without it -- >> it will be a big void. and supporters say the holidays won't feel the same. if they get enough help, supporters are hoping to have the parade back here by 2015. claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. >> i will miss the trees. in a statement they said it decided to transition its role to supporter and said we are proud of the success we have had in leading the parade and thank the partners and participates who worked with us. >> the mystery is deepening involving a three story building. apple is building the facility as part of a product announcement next month. this morning we sent a news crew to the construction site.
5:48 pm
a driver delivering equipment said security is very tight. >> as far as i know everything is top secret. they don't tell us anything. they make us sign non- disclosures. >> only people with special wrist bands can access the area. on september 9 apple is expected to unveil its new iphone and a wearable device like the iwatch. steve jobs unveiled the first computer 30 years ago. if you are a top performer at work a survey suggest a bonus may be headed your way. bonuses are at a record high levels. companies are trying to retain top talent. 91% said expect bonuses between 10 and 20% this year and next year. for top talent the bonuses range between 15 and 40%. >> sometimes i thought having a
5:49 pm
job is the bonus. 15-40%, whatever works. this weekend we have a three day weekend and you have clouds over there tonight. >> cloud cover. what does the labor day hold for you guys? >> kick back at the neighborhood pool. take the flip-flops out and dive in. >> no beer at my nephew's first birthday party. >> i hope you have the weekend off. temperatures will be like today. the subtropical moisture bails out by tomorrow afternoon. and temperatures go to where you would want them to. this is the current shot. that is not fog. that is the subtropical moisture from ex-hurricane marie. as you look at the numbers. 88 antioch. 66 fairfield. temperatures tomorrow warmer but a nice day. by noon time a lot of the subtropical moisture will be
5:50 pm
clearing out. more sunshine, less humidity. sun sets us up for sunday and monday. nice days. currently in san francisco, there is the shot. you see the high clouds. that sunset, if you can get on that, it will be beautiful. subtropical moisture. like hawaii. san francisco tomorrow 69 degrees for your bay area saturday. san jose tomorrow, temperatures into the low 80s. nice looking day in san jose. few clouds to start out the day. that is that subtropical moisture. then it goes away. a nice looking weekend ahead. i have monday off. i am excited. >> after 20 years. >> once or twice. >> okay. >> wow! then it shortens the week up. the highs tomorrow. the reds, those are 90s. just like today. and then we go look at the
5:51 pm
highs, 83 napa. 92 antioch. just like today, warmer. more sun and a nice looking weekend. fog at the coast the whole time. i think you will get breaks out there. santa cruz, the sun will come out. for middle part of the day. five-day forecast with your bay area weekend in view. excited about that. >> what are you planning? >> mr. monday off? >> i got stuff going on. [ laughter ] >> thanks. >> nothing great. >> can only imagine. >> all good. >> thank you. catch our special all access pass levi stadium sunday night at 11:00 p.m. after the 10:00 p.m. news and sports wrap. before the football season starts a team finds out it can't use the home field. >> this is in bad condition. we kind of figured this would happen. >> why the drought made this field too dangerous to play on and the solution that is getting a mixed response. >> julie haener is here now for what we are working on for 6:00
5:52 pm
p.m. >> coming up, accidentally killed by a garbage truck. >> maybe it was supposed to be. >> the victim's mother talks to ktvu channel 2 news about the loss and how the department of public works is adjusting. . >> special education students without a ride it school, why and what the district is doing to make sure it doesn't happen again. >> these stories and much more coming up new at 6:00 p.m. design furniture. we design good mornings.
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. this box held a surprise for custom agents at san francisco international airport. it was marked as toy car but when they opened it up they discovered 20 live giant millipedes. they first noticed something was wrong when it went through the spray machine -- x-ray machine. they did not have the right permits. it arrives from germany. the drought leave as high school football program high and dry. severe water restrictions took a stole on the santa cruz high school football field. ktvu's ann rubin found out that means no more home field advantage. >> when they look at their field santa cruz high school
5:56 pm
football players aren't thinking of the touchdowns, but rather the injuries. the field is considered unplayable. a long hard summer took its toll. >> the drought happened. the city is restricting water use. and this is the result. >> over the past week an exemp allowed for some additional watering -- exempt allowed for some additional watering. >> not having the opportunity to play on your home field under the lightsoon friday night. >> -- lights on a friday night. the athletic booster club will take a hit too. >> we rely on our snack bar to get that revenue and through home games. it won't be here.
5:57 pm
we will be at another school. >> they will be at socal he can that has artificial turf -- high school that has artificial turf. >> not going to have as much fans as we would like. it is our biggest rival. >> reporter: sill while the santa cruz field isn't in good condition the team is. >> disappointing but i think that we can get through and still do pretty good this year. >> reporter: there is talk of replacing this field with new grass or artificial turf. in the mean time the school hopes to rehabilitate this for senior night in november. ann rubin, ktvu channel 2 news. you can see water restrictions in the bay area as well as our previous coverage on where we have created a special page. tonight we are learning about a 9-year-old boy who was inside an suv when a man
5:58 pm
carjacked it. >> i was like, wait, you are in the wrong car. he was like, i know, i am stealing this car. >> his mom left the car running while she went to pick up food for one child in the suv and that is when the man jumped in. he drove the children around for hours. when he stopped to get gas he realized there was a cell phone in the vehicle so he called 911. >> it was in a cup holder so i grabbed it and called 911. >> police arrived and rescued all the children. now at 6:00 p.m. struck and killed on the job. now a mother is grieving the loss of her only son. >> no sisters and brothers. just him. >> the questions the family is raising about the deadly accident that killed him. >> 49ers star linebacker alton
5:59 pm
smith suspended for breaking the code of conduct, the impact on the 49ers. >> once on the budget chopping block, police officers are going back to school, the difference they make on campus. complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00 p.m. a mother struggling to come to terms with the loss of her only child after he was hit and killed by a city public works truck. good evening everyone. i am mike mibach. frank somerville has the night off. >> i am julie haener. new information about a san francisco man who was hit and killed by a garbage truck. he was part of a work crew cleaning up when he was killed yesterday morning. ktvu's david stevenson spoke with the victim's mother today who is struggling to come to terms with her son's death. david? >> reporter: a family friend told us he had high hopes winning a permanent job working
6:00 pm
for the city, instead he died within walking distance of his mother's home. >> the photo mounted in his mother's living room was taken two years ago. a picture of her only child. >> no sisters and no brothers. >> the man was assigned to clean streets along department of public works crews. yesterday morning a garbage truck backed over hill, killing him about a mile from his mother's home. >> yucall anybody -- i didn't call anybody. i have been laying low. >> he loved football, baseball and wring and hoped to earn -- wrestling and hoped to earn a full time job with the city. city. [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: the department of public works says it appears he slipped while


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